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Biotechsavvy is an official reseller of the HomeBiogas 2.0 system in the United States.

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Our story


Our goal is to reduce carbon emission and promote sustainable living. We are increasing public awareness about an amazing product developed by the HOMEBIOGAS Company. It converts food waste and animal manure to biogas and fertilizer. BIOTECH Savvy is a certified HomeBiogas (HBG) system distributor in the United States, primarily serving residents of the Northern New Mexico (Los Alamos, Santa Fe, Albuquerque). Our company will gladly answer any of your questions, to include a system demonstration, and help with system installation and further operation at your home or business site so you too – can start utilizing your own amazing COMPOST + BIOGAS + FERTILIZER system today!


The HBG recycling composter gives families the ability to transition to sustainable waste management and turn food scraps into cooking gas and organic fertilizer. Your purchase empowers your family to directly impact and help heal earth by preserving waste lands and reducing carbon footprint. The HBG system is an easy-to-use biotechnological unit, requires minimum maintenances, and has an intelligent design. The system comes in a box and includes all required components such as pipes and a cooking stove.


The consequences of greenhouse emission into our atmosphere lead to warming of the North and the South Poles, and  accelerate natural disaster[1]. That is why we are putting our positive energy out into the world. We “Choose Education," and ask you to share how you too can help restore and preserve earth, gain a passion to do good, and help the present and future environment. BIOTECH Savvy acts as an ambassador for the HBG product. Each HBG unit can help reduce our yearly carbon footprint by 6 tons per year. This is equal to the yearly carbon emission from a typical passenger vehicle[2].


Landfills account for 34% of all methane emission in the U.S. meaning that organic waste we throw in our garbage adds to our collective carbon footprint every day. According to Scientific America a family of four tosses out $590 per year in meat, fruits, vegetables and grain products alone[3]. More recent reports indicate that an average American throws away 330 lbs of food which is equal to $2,200[4]. We should ask ourselves – do we want to continue losing our money on food waste and leftovers or do we want to be proactive in getting our money back by recycling our own food waste?

We all make choices every day. And even though the carbon mitigation[5] is a really big problem, the small choices we make can add up to a big difference. BIOTECH Savvy is all about those choices.