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Biotechsavvy is an official reseller of the HomeBiogas 2.0 system in the United States.

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The Homebiogas (HBG) 2.0 system is an anaerobic composter which uses organic waste from your kitchen to produce cooking gas and fertilizer. This product is an ideal for an average size household. Utilizing biogas for everyday cooking and using fertilizer to grow food and vegetables is not just fun but also saves you money. HomeBiogas is a leading company for the most efficient, cost-effective, low-maintenance, and durable household biogas systems in the market. With over 10 years of research and development, HGB 2.0 system is a next generation composter developed by the company.

HomeBiogas 2.0

$800.00 Regular Price
$620.00Sale Price
  • Product specifications:

    • Digester volume tank 1200 liters

    • Gas tank volume 700 liters

    • Maximum daily quantity of kitchen food waster is up to 12 liters

    • Maximum daily quantity of animal manure is up to 36 liter

    • Single flame daily cooking time is up to 3 hours

    • Output of produced fertilizer depend on the input amount

    • Typical daily energy output is up to 4.4 kWh

    • Best performance achieved at ambient temperatures higher than 68F (20C)

    • System is operational under lower than 68F (20C). Please see the manual or contact us for more information.